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  1. “In Our Own Voice" from the National Alliance on Mental Illness
  2. Happy Coding With Python
  3. SoNo Branch Library:
    Book A Librarian
  4. SoNo Branch Library:
    Lego Land & Play-doh Palooza
    Saturdays 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    Ages 3 -9
  5. A BIRD IN THE HAND—Stories sweet and suspenseful
  6. A COVID Affair: "Unmask" Your Family
  7. Afternoon Paint Break with Jo-Ann
  8. An Evening of Jazz with Sarah Lemiuex
  9. Art With Jo - An
  10. Art With Jo - An
  11. Board Game Bonanza
  12. Books Get Our Vote!
  13. Bubbles, Balloons, and Laughter for Halloween
  14. Buried Alive: Life in a Box
  15. Chinese Moon Festival
  16. Crafternoon
  17. Design Your Own Tote Bag
  18. Drive by Trick or Treat
  19. Escape the Jolly Roger
  20. EVENTO DE FIRMA DE LIBROS: Magdalena Gómez
  21. Fashion Institute For Tweens & Teens
  22. Game On
  23. Gift Bag Giveaway
  25. Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration
  26. Holiday Ornament Craft
  28. Karaoke Night
  30. Let's Talk @ NPL: The Strategic Significance of the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor.
  31. Let's Talk @ SoNo - Articles of Association, 1774
  33. Let's Talk @ SoNo
    The colorful life of a 19-year-old Japanese picture bride
  34. M&M Performing Arts Fall Series
  35. Mario Match Off
  36. Medicare Seminar - November 29
  37. Midweek Mindfulness Walk
  38. Mostly Mother Goose
  39. My Very First Book Club
  40. NPL Debates: Electoral College
  42. One Book One Community Part 2
  43. Paint & Plants
  44. Pizza Paint n Sip
  45. Sigma Gamma Rho Women's Health Day
  46. Snowman Cookie Decoration
  47. SoNo Branch Library: Citizenship Training
  48. SoNo Branch Library: Gaming Club
  49. SoNo Branch Library: Girls Who Code
  50. SoNo Branch Library: Happy Chinese New Year!
  51. SoNo Branch Library: Jump Force Tournament
  52. SoNo Branch Library: Kwanzaa Storytime
  53. SoNo Branch Library: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament
  54. SoNo Branch Library: My Hero One's Justice 2 Tournament
  55. SoNo Branch Library: National Puzzle Day
  56. SoNo Branch Library: Operation Write a Letter to Santa
  57. SoNo Branch Library: Presentation and Book Signing by Author Cobert Courtois
  58. SoNo Branch Library: Saturday Picture Show
  59. SoNo Branch Library: St. Patrick's Day
  60. SoNo Branch Library: The Jo-Ann Claybourne Art Show
  61. SoNo Branch Library: Understanding Medicare in 2020
  62. SoNo Branch Library:
    Sheroes of the Haitian Revolution Lecture and Book Signing
  63. SoNo iNVESTiGATES Monthly Mysteries
  64. SPED Matters at SoNo SPANISH
  65. SPED Matters at SoNo: October 13th
  66. SPED Matters at SoNo: September 22nd
  67. Summer Finale
  68. Talent Hunt Competition
  69. The Blues and Beyond
  70. The Divas - Stage Play
  71. Tiempo de Cuentos/Spanish Storytime
  72. Understanding Changes and Updates in Medicare in 2021
  73. Watercolor Painting for Youth
  74. Winter Wonder Cartooning
  1. Coding With Python
  2. Happy Coding With Roblox Studio
  3. SoNo Branch Library:
    Homework HELP
  4. SoNo Branch Library:
    Short Film & A Craft
    Thursdays 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    Ages 3 - 7
  5. A Christmas Stocking - Stage Play
  6. Acrylic on Canvas With Jo-Ann
  7. Alzheimer Association Programs

    Healthy Living for the Brain & Body | South Norwalk Library Ten Warning Signs of Alzheimer's | South Norwalk Library Understanding... More…

  8. Art Class with Colleen Rose Hains
  9. Art With Jo - An
  10. Blue and Beyond for kids Concert
  11. Book presentation & signing - AWAKEN YOUR INNER SELF: 12 Steps to Healing and Motivation
  12. Books Get Our Vote!
  13. Build a Gingerbread House
  15. Concert/Concierto el grito de independencia del ecuador
  16. Crazy 8's Bedtime Math
  17. Dinosaurs Rock
  18. Easter Egg Hunt
  19. Especially for Norwalk Seniors
  20. Fairfield County Semi-Final and Final Chess Tournament
  21. Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead
  22. Game On!
  23. Gizmo read-aloud in English and Spanish
  24. Hatch The Chicken Book Club
  25. Holiday Craft
  26. Holiday Storytime
  27. Juneteenth Outdoor Concert
  28. Kid's Monthly fashion class
  30. Let's Talk @ SoNo - 160th Anniversary of the Balloon Corps
  31. Let's Talk @ SoNo - Helen Keller CT Socialist
  32. Let's Talk @ SoNo
    The colorful life of a 19-year-old Japanese picture bride
  33. Live Stream of Animal Crossing
  34. Magdalena Gomez: Mi'ja Book Signing
  35. Mayor's Summer Youth Employment Program: The Making Of Your Movie Cover
  36. Medicare Seminar - October 25
  37. Monthly fashion class
  38. Movie Tuesdays
  39. Norwalk Public Library Citywide Kwanzaa Celebration
  40. Oceans Rock
  41. One Book One Community
  42. One Book One Community: Children of the Land
  43. Picture Book Club CHS
  44. Present State of Politics and Government in America
  45. Six (6)-Week Free Live Well Chronic Health Conditions Workshop
  46. SoNo Branch Library SoNo DIG Chess Team
  47. SoNo Branch Library: For the Love of Books
  48. SoNo Branch Library: Gingerbread House Party
  49. SoNo Branch Library: Hanukkah Storytime
  50. SoNo Branch Library: Happy Inventor's Day
  51. SoNo Branch Library: Kindergarten Registration
  52. SoNo Branch Library: Mardi Gras
  53. SoNo Branch Library: Music with Miss Sarah
  54. SoNo Branch Library: My Hero One's Justice Tournament
  55. SoNo Branch Library: Office Hours with State Representative Travis Simms
  56. SoNo Branch Library: Parent - To - Parent Monthly Meeting
  57. SoNo Branch Library: Presentation and Book Signing: Sharlene Randall
    author of "Mindset and Money Power"
  58. SoNo Branch Library: Special Education Law and Advocacy Workshop
  59. SoNo Branch Library: Struggle For Freedom - The Life of Dr. King
  60. SoNo Branch Library: U.S. Census 2020
  61. SoNo Branch Library: Valentine's Day Pom Pom Painting
  62. SoNo DIG Chess
  63. SoNo Library Writer's Circle
  64. SPED Matters at SoNo: November 10th
  65. SPED Matters at SoNo: October 20th
  66. Story Explorers at SoNo Branch Library
  67. Sunny Train Music
  68. Talewise - Pirates: Lost at Sea
  69. The Blues and Beyond for Kids
  70. The Story of Love
  71. Understanding Changes and Updates in Medicare in 2021
  73. Winter Crafternoon
  74. Women in Retirement

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