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Writing a Review = 2 Hours of Community Service

  1. NPL Teens
  2. Need more community service hours? Write us a book review!!!
    We have a review blog that needs more book reviews. If you write us a review, that counts as community service.

    One review = two hours of community service.

    The details:
    Reviews should be about books that are interesting to kids in middle school and high school. The books can be fiction, nonfiction, or graphic novels. The books can be old or new. The reviews should be 100-250 words long. If you're not sure how to write a review, take a look at Amazon or Good Reads. Tell us a little bit about the book (mystery, realistic, humor, superhero, etc), what's good about it, and why other kids might like it. This is not a homework assignment, but do your best with spelling and grammar. We'll fix anything that needs fixing. Once it's finished and you're happy with it, click submit to send it to Lisa.
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