Several volumes of compiled Norwalk vital records and cemetery inscriptions are located in the History Room reference collection. Catalog links to these titles are as follows:

Norwalk vital records on microfilm; 4 reels, 1848-ca. 1900

The Norwalk vital records on these films were reproduced from the originals at the Town Clerk’s Office at Norwalk City Hall. The microfilm is available to view at the Main Library reference desk. Print indexes for the portions of the volumes which do not include indexing are placed near the microfilm cabinets
(R 929.3746 IND). The links below are to digitized versions of the following indexes:
  • Marriages 1862-1869 by brides’ names
  • Marriages 1862-1869 by grooms’ names
  • Deaths 1862-1878 by surname
    • The death records of that era use the following convention to indicate age at death, if known:
      Year-month-day; if only year is shown, then the hyphen follows. If only day and/or month is shown, then one or more hyphens are placed to indicate which element is missing. Clerks did not always follow the format consistently.

      Place of death is assumed to be Norwalk, unless indicated in the notes. Birth places, if given, show the modern U.S. state postal code in this index. Residence, i.e., “res.” is given in the notes if the person was known to reside elsewhere but died in Norwalk. The column headed “R” indicates race if indicated, other than “white” in the original – B=”black,” M=”mulatto.” 
 Online Genealogy List
 Online links to published family genealogies located in the History Room collection or
 Check the library catalog for published family genealogies in the History Room reference collection. 
 These include:

  • Abbott; Allen, Craft, St. John, Betts; Arnold, Redway & Earle
  • Benedict; Betts, Bouton, Boughton & Farnham
  • Comstock
  • DeLong
  • Ely
  • Fillow; Fuller
  • Gay; Gregory; Guild, Guile
  • Hale, House; Hanford; Hertz; Hoyt, Haight & Hight; Hubbell, Hubble, Hubbel
  • Keeler
  • Lockwood
  • Marvin; Mather
  • Nash, Neslines
  • Patrick, Partrick
  • Platt
  • Raymond; Reed, Read, Ressegueie
  • Scribner; Selleck & Peck; Seymour; St. John & Harries; Stevens
  • Thacher; Tolles, Trowbridge
  • Whitney

Online Resources

Many of the above titles published before 1923 can also be found for free, scanned and searchable online at:,,

Genealogy Explained -  is an educational site designed to help weekend-warrior genealogists learn how to climb their family trees.

Documents explaining using and finding resources in the Norwalk History Room.