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 *Microsoft Word I & II - May 6th and May 7th, 1pm-2:30 pm

Microsoft Word is a word processing program that allows users to create professional documents such as resumes, letters, fax cover sheets, reports, legal documents, brochures, manuals and more. It is an efficient instrument for students, business owners and even working individuals to have on their computers. Microsoft Word has tools to format fonts, add clipart, add page numbers, and create tables and headers. More advanced features are also discussed.  Register or email

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Career Coach is part of Career Resources, one of the nation’s leading non-profit workforce development organizations providing training and assistance to the job seekers.

Job Skills Training for the Early Careerist

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Recent college graduate spotlight:

As Connecticut begins to reopen businesses and the economy, there are several resources available to support job-seekers and businesses get back to work quickly and safely. Governor Lamont and the state have forged several partnerships to provide residents with job-training for in-demand skills, and custom job portals with open positions across the state.

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Subscription Database - Access using your Norwalk Library card number.

JobNow has expert resume assistance, live interview coaching and tips and resources to help start your job search.
AtoZ Databases
AtoZ databases is the Premier Job Search, Reference & Mailing List Database including 30 million business & executive profiles & 220 million residents. Ideal for sales leads mailing lists, market research, employment opportunities, finding friends and relatives, and much more

AtoZ databases Intro Videos - Whether you are new to the application or need some assistance in navigating AtoZdatabases, these videos will provide the guidance you are looking for. Includes videos on how to search for a job, how to interview,& how not to interview.
  • Step-Up - (Subsidized Training and Employment Program)
  • Zippia -  A site for job seekers who want to empower their career aspirations with knowledgeable data.

Local Career Centers

American Job Center - Southwest - Job search offered at no cost - open to everyone. Located in Bridgeport, Derby & Stamford.

American Job Center - How Can We Help You? - An explanation of our services and who to contact for each service.

American Job Center Career Coach - "...a One-Stop on wheels and mobile classroom which brings career services and computer training to you!"

Goodwill Career Centers: 15 Cross Street. Norwalk, CT Phone: 203-840-0361
They provide FREE job prep classes-Resume Writing, Job Searching, Interview Skills, Cover Letter writing, etc. Every day including Saturday, Except Wednesdays. There is a calendar of classes at the Main Reference Desk. They also have one-on-one job counseling (not just for Goodwill jobs). Scroll down to the Norwalk Goodwill entry for a link to their current calendar of classes.

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