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​Job Search Articles 

Job market forecast for 2023

Some jobs won't recover from the pandemic recession. It could be a good thing for workers.
Hoff, Madison; Winck, Ben. Business Insider, US edition; New York, 17 Sep 2022

Job market in 2022
That's not a real job opening: Some companies are posting 'ghost jobs' but don't actually plan to hire you - or anyone
Kaplan, Juliana; Knight, Rebecca. Business Insider, US edition; New York, 18 Sep 2022
States Where Job Openings Are Disappearing Right Now
45 Major Companies Commit to Hiring Over 20,000 Refugees at Tent Business Summit
PR Newswire; New York [New York]. 19 Sep 2022
Snapchat laid off 20% of workers - Still, labor market remains strong
USA TODAY (USA) September 9, 2022
US transport hiring rises, but not at warehouses
Journal of Commerce; New York  02 Sep 2022
The top 10 states where Gen Z workers can make the most annually
Hart, Jordan. Business Insider, US edition; New York  03 Sep 2022.
LinkedIn Workforce Report | United States |September 2022  
States Where Job Openings Are on the Rise
Job Ads Noting Fair Chance Hiring Rise in Tight Labor Market
15 States With the Worst Spikes in Unemployment Since the Pandemic
States Adding the Most Job Openings
25 Cities Where the Most People Work in Tech
Top Workplaces USA 2022
America's Best Startup Employers 2022
The Best States to Look for a Job
FlexJobs Announces the Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2022:
The 100 Best Companies to Work for in 2022
100 Best Companies to Work For:

Job seekers advice
4 tips to determine company culture
Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL) September 18, 2022 
Should I go through HR or use my connections?
Albuquerque Journal (NM) September 19, 2022 
The Performance Review Is Back: Many companies suspended reviews during Covid.
Now they are paying renewed attention to worker performance - much to the chagrin of some employees.

Dill, Kathryn; Fontana, Francesca. Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition; New York, 19 Sep 2022
The Price People With Hard-to-Pronounce Names Pay in the Job Market:
A new study suggests that a tricky name can hurt someone's chances of getting a callback

Cheryl Winokur Munk. Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition; New York, 19 Sep 2022
How job seekers can avoid getting scammed out of millions
Peralta, Paola. Employee Benefit News (Online); New York  Sep 13, 2022
Applicants Decode Signals in Job Postings --- Red flags include 'self-starter,' 'many hats,' 'fast-paced environment'
Smith, Ray A. Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition; New York,. 14 Sep 2022
Goodwill® and Indeed Announce Ready to Work Program to Connect 50,000 Job Seekers with Employers Looking to Hire Now 
Major companies dropping college requirements for new hires
ABC - 6 WJBF (Augusta, GA) September 14, 2022
Looking for a new career? Here are 30 high-paying, fast growing jobs that are
set to boom over the next decade Hoff, Madison.

Business Insider, US edition; New York  09 Sep 2022
Joe Szynkowski: The ABCs to building a solid personal brand
The Southern Illinoisan, (Carbondale, IL) September 3, 2022 
How to stand out with your portfolio
Richmond Times-Dispatch: Web Edition Articles (VA) September 7, 2022
As people look for ways to make extra income, fraud experts worry 'parcel mule' scams are on the rise.
Here's how to avoid falling for one.

Safane, Jake.  Business Insider, US edition; New York 06 Sep 2022.
How to get hired even without all the qualifications
Houston Chronicle (TX) September 4, 2022 
Checking on the reference-checking process
Albuquerque Journal (NM) September 5, 2022
Family Caregivers Find More Options to Get Paid -- WSJ
Dow Jones Institutional News; New York 06 Sep 2022
On the Clock: Work Etiquette Gets a Rude Awakening --- Plethora of job openings can be a blessing or a curse,
as politeness gets put on the back burner

Borchers, Callum.  Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition; New York, N.Y. 08 Sep 2022
5 Signs You Are Being 'Quiet Fired' From Your Job
The Highest Paying Jobs You Can Get Without a College Degree
Joe Szynkowski: The ABCs to building a solid personal brand
The Southern Illinoisan,  (Carbondale, IL) September 3, 2022 
Some Companies Have Cut Back on Background Screening
Ramsey, Mike. HRMagazine; Alexandria (Summer 2022):
New York City Imposes Stringent Requirements on Use of Artificial Intelligence in Workplace Hiring and Promotions
Friedman, Gary D. Employee Relations Law Journal; New York Vol. 48, Iss. 1,  Summer 2022
How To Get A Job Before It’s Advertised
How to Read a Job Description the Right Way—So You Can Stop Sending Resumes Into the Void
Here Are 15 Possible Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired—and How to Fix Them
You Made $700 From an Online Side Hustle. Now the IRS Will Know. A new tax law means
Find new jobs with the skills you already have
Best Paying Jobs
Should You Be Honest in the Exit Interview? --- As more employees head out the door, their talks with HR are heating up.
How to Write a Stellar Elevator Pitch
How to Write a Professional Bio
How to spot a toxic culture by reading between the lines of a job ad.
Seven Things To Never Ask About During A Job Interview
Indeed Career Guide
Forbes - Lots Of Career Interests? How To Show You’re Flexible But Not Unfocused-
Vault - 4 Tips for Searching for Companies that Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

Skills and jobs in demand
Job 1 for RIAs: Finding New Recruits
Paikert, Charles. Barron's (Online); New York, Sep 19, 2022
Wanted: Teachers. No training necessary.
Balingit, Moriah. The Washington Post; Washington, D.C. 23 Sep 2022
IRS Faces Tight Job Market as It Staffs Up -- WSJ
Dow Jones Institutional News; New York  19 Sep 2022
Military to hire 2,000 civilians to aid sexual assault victims, train troops about prevention
Thayer, Rose L. TCA Regional News; Chicago  21 Sep 2022.
Leading Climate Careers Platform Announces Fall Slate of Climate Career Fairs and Expert Lectures
PR Newswire; New York 22 Sep 2022
UPS looking to hire over 100,000 seasonal employees for the holidays
ABC - 2 WSB: Web Edition Articles (Atlanta, GA) - September 19, 2022
Skills shortage imperils global energy transition
Naschert, Camilla. SNL Energy Power Daily; Charlottesville, Sep 13, 2022
Mr Smith goes to Silicon Valley
Anonymous. The Economist; London Vol. 444, Iss. 9312,  Sep 10, 2022
August Hiring Strong but Slowing, Unemployment Rate Rises
HRNews; Alexandria  Sep 2, 2022
Legal Sector Loses Almost 9K Jobs In August — But Is ‘Rightsizing’ To Blame?
Above the Law (USA) September 6, 2022
State forecasts 200K new jobs within decade
Connecticut Post (CT) September 4, 2022 
UPS looks to hire hundreds of seasonal workers in state
The Register Citizen (Torrington, CT) September 9, 2022 |
Sheep Are the Solar Industry's Lawn Mowers of Choice ---
The tough job of clearing grass around panels has shepherds in high demand

Ramkumar, Amrith. Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition; New York, 06 Sep 2022
LinkedIn’s 2022 Global Green Skills Report

SkillUp Career Group Coaching
SkillsBuild, a free digital platform that helps job seekers prepare for new careers in technology
by developing technology and professional skills

If you’re looking for a new job, here’s the personal audit you should do
How—and why—to craft an elevator pitch for your job search

For Business Owners
Insider is launching a mentorship program for entrepreneurs - directed at solving talent
issues like hiring, retention, and DEI - and looking for participants.

Canal, Emily. Business Insider, US edition; New York. 02 Aug 2022
How Technology Can Help Companies Tackle Job Seeker Fraud
HRNews; Alexandria,  Aug 2, 2022

For employers
7 ways employers are taking action to tackle high health care costs
Popke, Michael. BenefitsPRO; New York, Sep 22, 2022
The perks that work to retain employees now
Popke, Michael. BenefitsPRO; New York, Sep 9, 2022
Press Release: More North American organizations plan to disclose pay information, survey finds
Dow Jones Institutional News; New York,  14 Sep 2022
How to recruit and retain quality employees
The Westerly Sun, (RI) September 5, 2022 
How to Handle Employee Resignations: Follow these steps to ensure a smooth departure.
HRNews; Alexandria,  Aug 31, 2022
Overcoming the fear factor in hiring tech talent
Davis, Carlin; Madgavkar, Anu; Maor, Dana; Reich, Angelika.
McKinsey Global Institute; New York, Aug 31, 2022
Workplace Technology (A Special Report) --- You're New at a Company. What's the Fastest Way to Learn Its Technology?
Many companies offer just a little training, and then figure employees can learn on their own.
Here's how to make sure employees get up to speed as quickly as possible.

Bhattacharyya, Suman. Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition; New York,  22 Aug 2022
Newly Released Research Aims to Help Companies Attract Early In Career Talent
PR Newswire (USA) August 22, 2022  Stellarworx is a faster way for employers to find and hire workers who are
Skilled Through Alternative Routes (STARs) rather than through a bachelor’s degree.
How Alternative Credentials Can Help You Find Employees
Tyler, Kathryn. HRMagazine; Alexandria, Summer 2022

For Connecticut Workers
Exploration for - employment - Job fair in Hartford draws hundreds as workers and
employers try to stem the worst labor shortage in years

The Hartford Courant, (CT) September 22, 2022
State sees sweeping jobs boost in August Employers hired in nearly every industry, but growth still slow
Stephen Singer, Hartford Courant.  Hartford, Conn.  16 Sep 2022
Employers continue battle to fill needs Connecticut still has 110,000 job openings
Employers continue to wage a 'constant battle' to fill needs

Stephen Singer, Hartford Courant.  Hartford, Conn. 18 Sep 2022
New Connecticut Special Education Employment System Released
The Newtown Bee, (CT) September 16, 2022
In fierce market, police departments compete for candidates
Westport News (CT) September 16, 2022 
CT unemployment claims dropped by third largest margin on record in August
Connecticut Post: Web Edition Articles (Bridgeport, CT) September 15, 2022 
The Hour, (Norwalk, CT) September 15, 2022
Nine major Connecticut companies that are hiring
Connecticut Post: Web Edition Articles (Bridgeport, CT) September 16, 2022 
For College Graduates
T​​he highest-paying jobs for dropouts, and other reader questions!
Andrew Van Dam. The Washington Post (Online), Washington, D.C. Sep 16, 2022
How to Write an Early Career Resume
Which community college programs net students highest pay?
The Oregonian, (Portland, OR) September 7, 2022
What You Need to Know About Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan
Lieber, Ron; Tara Siegel Bernard. New York Times, Late Edition (East Coast); New York,  26 Aug 2022  
Financial Press: Help My Career: ‘It’s just a very odd time:’ White-collar graduates are vulnerable to recession
—and need to get smart when applying for jobs. Here’s exactly how to do that.

Press, Financial. Weblog post. Financial Press Newstex. Aug 26, 2022
The Job Market Outlook for Grads 
2022 America’s Best Employers For New Grads 
2022 Guide to Kickstarting Your Career
2022 Best Employers for New Grads
2022 Grad’s Guide to Getting Hired
Career website for college students

For Women in the workplace
Advice - How stay-at-home moms can get back into working world
Boston Herald (MA) September 18, 2022
How women can keep their careers going forward
The Westerly Sun, (RI) September 5, 2022
Business News: Women Get to Top Jobs Faster Than Men
Ellis, Lindsay. Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition; New York, N.Y.  01 Sep 2022: B.6.
More working moms work for themselves: As the pandemic upended domestic life,
women's rate of self-employment rose faster than the share of men in the sector 

Mannino, Trina. Crain's Chicago Business; Chicago Vol. 45, Iss. 33,  Aug 22, 2022
Top Three Resume Tips for Moms
Companies Cut Back On Parental Time Off
Dill, Kathryn; Yang, Angela. Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition; New York,  23 Aug 2022
Common Resume Mistakes Women Make and How to Avoid Them
ReadWrite (USA) August 23, 2022 
Gender Pay Gap Starts Early
Korn, Melissa; Weber, Lauren; Fuller, Andrea. Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition; New York, 09 Aug 2022
What to Expect from Your Employer When You’re Expecting: Maternal Health Series Offers New and Expectant Moms Vital Information. Weblog post. U.S. Department of Labor Blog, Washington: Newstex. Aug 9, 2022
Women Associates Name 122 Law Firms as Best at Cultivating Women’s Highest Job Satisfaction
Forbes 2022 America’s Best Employers For Women

For the veterans transitioning to civilian careers
Companies and Nonprofits Expand Efforts to Hire Veterans; Some programs also help
spouses of veterans find jobs—relieving a big stress for military families

Cheryl Winokur Munk. Wall Street Journal (Online); New York,  18 Sep 2022
Best For Vets: Colleges
Flashpoint Approved As DOD SkillBridge Provider, Will Help Service Members Transition to Civilian Work
Business Wire,  August 25, 2022 
Armed Forces Bank launches veterans job initiative
ATM Marketplace (USA) August 24, 2022
Wounded veteran given a new chance at life
Star Tribune: Newspaper of the Twin Cities (MN)  August 14, 2022 
Military veterans are more vulnerable to scams than civilians
Army Times: Web Edition Articles (USA)  August 19, 2022
American Veterans Group to support job placement and assistive services for Connecticut veterans:
Military Times Best For Vets: Employers survey

For older workers

They're back! 'Unretirements' continue to rise as more workers return
Beckman, Kristen. BenefitsPRO; New York,  Sep 14, 2022
Retirees - are getting back to work
The Hartford Courant, (CT) September 4, 2022
Survey says more retirees choosing to un-retire and re-enter labor force
The Call,  (Woonsocket, RI) August 29, 2022
3 BIG Questions: Edward Lawrence
Prime (East Longmeadow, MA) August 23, 2022 
Over 55 and job hunting? These 15 metros are havens for baby boomers
5 Job Hunt Tips For Job Seekers Ages 50 And Up
What Older Workers Need to Know About Video Résumés
Niftynews50s - News and advice for job seekers age 50 and over
This Is the Occupation With the Oldest Workers
AARP Launches Skill Building Platform to Help Older Workers Compete in Today's Job Market: Two-Thirds of Older Workers 
Can Employers Ask Your Age on Job Applications?
5 Remote Job Search Tips for Older Workers

For people with disabilities
How to ask for ADA health accommodations at your job, according to 5 workers who have
Lowenstein, Fiona. Business Insider, US edition; New York  22 Sep 2022
Greenwich eyes job program that offers people with disabilities an ‘opportunity to be gainfully employed’
Greenwich Time: Web Edition Articles (CT) September 16, 2022 
Eric Brown: Why it may be unwise to pursue a federal, not a state, court
Republican-American (Waterbury, CT) August 21, 2022 
Labor Dept. Seeks to Help State, Local Governments Expand Competitive
Integrated Employment for People With Disabilities

Targeted News Service (USA)  August 17, 2022
Job market not so rosy for disabled New report shows many don't qualify as 'poor' but are still unable to make ends meet
Stephen Underwood Hartford Courant; Hartford, Conn.  08 Aug 2022:
Career change Majority of U.S. Workers Changing Jobs Are Seeing Real Wage Gains

Five things to consider when looking for a job in the U.S.
Translated by Content Engine LLC. CE Noticias Financieras, English ed.; Miami 10 Aug 2022

Career change
Help My Career: Is this the last-chance saloon for job switchers? If there’s a recession, the labor market may not be so rosy.
Press, Financial. Weblog post. Financial Press Newstex. Sep 12, 2022
It's time to get cautious about the Great Resignation and 'take educated risks.' The job market could slow down soon.
Hoff, Madison. Business Insider, US edition; New York 03 Sep 2022
Now Is the Most Rewarding Time to Switch Jobs in Years; Pay raises for job hoppers are the biggest they've been in more than two decades, a sign of workers' power despite hints of a cooling job market
Smith, Ray A. Wall Street Journal (Online); New York, N.Y. 05 Sep 2022
How Job Hopping Can Impact Your Investment Strategy
Weblog post. Newstex Global Business Blogs, Chatham: Newstex. Sep 7, 2022.
In A Challenging Job Market, Consider Advancing Within Your Current Company

Five tips for creating the ideal resume for senior positions
Translated by Content Engine LLC. CE Noticias Financieras, English ed.; Miami [Miami]. 18 Sep 2022
Resumé Rules 
MauiTimes (HI) September 22, 2022
Reframe your résumé to make it stand out
Stephanie Vozza, Fast Company.  Hartford Courant; Hartford, Conn.  11 Sep 2022
Don't List Elite Memberships on Resume
Creators Syndicate (USA) September 14, 2022
Take Care to Double-Check Your Resume Before Submitting
HRNews; Alexandria  Sep 6, 2022
Different types of deadly sins of resume writing
The Fresno Bee (CA) September 4, 2022
Is A Summary Necessary On A Resume?
How to showcase your bilingual skills to get a job (or a promotion)
Improve My Resume in 30 Minute 
Top 7 resume mistakes to avoid
Hybrid competence is the newest soft skill with an outsize impact on your career.
How to Use Keywords and Phrases in Your Resume and Cover Letter (With Tips and Examples)
How To Write a Military-to-Civilian Resume: Highlighting Your Military Experience
How To Include Excel Skills on Your Resume *** Excel Spotlight
How To Revamp Your CV In 30 Minutes
How to make a video resume
6 Tips for Building a Stellar Tech Resume
Five Damaging CV Issues And How To Fix Them
How to land a job by tailoring your résumé and cover letter to appeal to bots
Recruiter And ATS Expert Shares Resume Dos, Don’ts And ATS Myths
How to Optimize Your Resume for an ATS
Résumé Builder for active duty military and veterans transitioning to civilian careers
How to write a cover letter
Résumé Builder - Cover letter examples

LinkedIn Has Turned Into a Place for Oversharing: [Money and Business/Financial Desk]
Kelley, Lora. New York Times, Late Edition (East Coast); New York,  18 Sep 2022
Job seekers: A 50-year-old social theory could be the key to your success on LinkedIn
How to optimize your LinkedIn profile - There are ways to stand out in the crowd of more than 800 million members.
Financial News & Daily Record (Jacksonville, FL) September 1, 2022
How to repower my LinkedIn profile to have more visibility when looking for a new job?
Translated by Content Engine LLC. CE Noticias Financieras, English ed.; Miami 19 Aug 2022
On the Clock: The $1,000 Headshot Can Really Pay Off --- Professionals tap high-end photographers to bolster LinkedIn profiles
Borchers, Callum. Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition; New York, N.Y. 11 Aug 2022
How To Personalize Your LinkedIn URL
8 Valuable LinkedIn Features You Should Start Using Right Away,
Two-part article: Part 1 -- Part 2
How to Improve Your InMail Response Rate, According to LinkedIn Data
That smiling LinkedIn profile face might be a computer-generated fake
Find the Top Skills for Almost Any Role with This New Tool
LinkedIn for Job Seekers
How To Write An Impressive LinkedIn Work Experience Section
7 Free LinkedIn Features to Use in Your Job Search
Managing LinkedIn With Multiple Remote Jobs
How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
Had to take career gaps? LinkedIn’s latest feature helps you explain
These InMails Get the Best Response Rates, LinkedIn Data Reveals
99 LinkedIn Profile Tips
Should You Use LinkedIn’s #OpenToWork
The 31 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers
Find Jobs on LinkedIn – Best Practices
LinkedIn Profile Tips for Standing Out and Making Connections

Job Interviewing Secrets and Strategies to Get Hired
HRNews; Alexandria (Sep 20, 2022).
Prepare answers to these 7 skills-based interview questions
The Fresno Bee, (CA)September 18, 2022 
3 questions interviewers hope you ask - And 3 they hope you don't
The Hartford Courant, (CT) September 4, 2022 
Interview basics to help you land the job
Illinois Times (Springfield, IL) September 1, 2022
5 ways to spot a bully boss in a job interview
The Beacon News,  (Aurora, IL) August 28, 2022 
How to explain past employment - issues in job interviews
The Fresno Bee,  (CA) August 28, 2022 
10 examples of what not to do in an interview
The Fresno Bee, (CA) August 21, 2022 
Vicki on Careers: Polishing rusty interview skills
The Daily Reflector, (Greenville, NC)  August 19, 2022
Common Zoom Job Interview Mistakes To Avoid
Here's How Bill Gates Would Answer 3 of the Most Common Job Interview Questions
5 Common Interview Mistakes and How to Fix Them
6 interview red flags that are concerning enough to reconsider an offer
Don’t Forget to Do This Before a Job Interview
12 Excel Interview Questions and Answers To Help You Prepare *** Excel Spotlight
8 Tough Interview Questions and Answers to Ace Them
Jobseekers: These 4 interview responses are BS that hiring managers see right through
The rise of never-ending job interviews
Answers To New Employer Job Interview Questions
Landmines To Watch Out For When Interviewing For A New Job
Interview Questions & Answers
How To Fail A Job Interview
Got a Job Offer? Here’s How to Negotiate Your Salary. Practice with the WSJ’s interactive chatbot on getting the best salary after you’ve been offered a new position
The Ultimate Guide: How to Prepare for a Phone Interview
themuse - job interview tips
Avoid these 7 résumé mistakes if you want a job interview
How To Handle Salary Questions In An Interview
10 Unexpected Interview Questions to Get Unrehearsed Answers

Salary Negotiation 
Quirky Employment Questions - Quirky Questions: What Types of Pay Equity Laws
Should I Be Aware of and How Can I Best Comply?

Kornblatt, Jillian; Delgado, Monica. Weblog post. Quirky Employment Questions [Blog]Newstex. Sep 22, 2022
Success at Work Is Warped by Your Co-Workers' Salaries; There soon could be pay-transparency laws from
Wall Street to Silicon Valley. What happens when you know more about what your colleagues make?

Cohen, Ben. Wall Street Journal (Online); New York, 22 Sep 2022
Hired Releases Annual Report on the State of Tech Salaries in 2022
PR Newswire; New York  13 Sep 2022
2023 Salary Budgets Projected to Stay at 20-Year High but Trail Inflation:
Total rewards professionals expect pay budgets to rise 4.1% on average

HRNews;  Alexandria  Sep 6, 2022
Here’s How To Ace Your Next Video Interview
Not So Fast, New Grads: What Newly Minted College Graduates Should Know About
How To Negotiate A Job Offer And Make Thousands In Minutes
Got a Job Offer? Here’s How to Negotiate Your Salary. Practice with the WSJ’s interactive chatbot on getting the best salary after you’ve been offered a new position
Interview Question: "What Are Your Salary Expectations?"
Salary Negotiation Tactics For Your Next Job Offer
Glassdoor's Salary Negotiation Tips
Jobseekers: This is exactly what you need to know to get paid fairly
The counteroffer: here’s how to get that bump
Major Red Flags To Look For Before Accepting The Job

Hybrid/Remote work
Majority of Job Seekers in the $100K+ Market Are Applying for Remote Only Jobs
PR Newswire; New York  16 Sep 2022
Keywords: More Bosses Are Spying. It Could Backfire. --- Tools companies use to watch employees may not boost productivity
Mims, Christopher. Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition; New York, 17 Sep 2022
Workers Face Pressure As Top Companies Push Post-Labor Day Return to Office
Small, Jalen.  Newsweek, Global ed.; New York Vol. 179, Iss. 9,  Sep 16, 2022
Top 100 Companies for Hybrid Jobs in 2022
Job Enthusiasm Falls As Offices Push for Return -- WSJ
Dow Jones Institutional News; New York  08 Sep 2022
Back to Work* Or Else** --- *We really mean it this time. **Please don't force our hand.
Cutter, Chip; Bindley, Katherine. Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition; New York, 03 Sep 2022
Top 30 Companies That Hire for Work-From-Anywhere Jobs
The remote work revolution is already reshaping America
Andrew Van Dam. The Washington Post; Washington, D.C.  28 Aug 2022
The remote revolution could lead to offshoring Armageddon
Andrew Van Dam. The Washington Post (Online), Washington, D.C., Aug 26, 2022
Top 75 Companies to Watch for Hybrid Jobs in 2022
12 Remote and Flexible Companies With a 4-Day Workweek
Top 30 Companies That Hire for Work-From-Anywhere Jobs

What To Do If You Don’t Want To Work Anymore
The Press of Atlantic City,  Web Edition Articles (NJ) September 15, 2022 
How to recover from - burnout - Tips for workers who can't change jobs or take time off
The Hartford Courant, August 28, 2022  (CT)
'Quiet Quitting' Gets A Booming Backlash
Dill, Kathryn; Yang, Angela. Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition; New York, 25 Aug 2022
Burned-out employees are 'quiet quitting' their jobs: What to know about the trend
CBS - 7 WHIO: Web Edition Articles (Dayton, OH)  August 15, 2022
Work & Life: How to Vent at Work and Not Regret It --- There are right and wrong ways to unload occasional frustrations.
Choose your confidants wisely and listen to yourself.

Feintzeig, Rachel. Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition; New York,  08 Aug 2022
States Where Workers Are Most Likely to Burn Out

Web sites referenced in the articles:
Free virtual training events on interview skills, resume writing and salary negotiation (scroll to the bottom of the page)
Lateral Hub is a job board for top-tier law firms and lawyers that provides an efficient way for lawyers to discover and apply for lateral job openings and for firms to hire lateral candidates directly
Warriors to Work - Veteran Employment Program

The Stellarworx -  Stellarworx is a faster way for employers to find and hire workers who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes (STARs) rather than through a bachelor’s degree.

Top Workplaces USA 2022

Forbes 2022 America’s Best Temp Staffing Firms
Forbes 2022 America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms

Top Rankings of Best U.S. Job Markets

A free online tool helping job seekers in selecting IT career path

A Platform serving the needs of underserved early career job seekers.

2022 Staffing 100 North America - list of leading staffing agencies
NinjaJobs - a Cybersecurity Jobs Platform  job search site used by students and recent graduates who are seeking internships, part-time jobs, seasonal work, and entry-level career opportunities.  the largest career network for professionals with federal government security clearance.

US News &World 100 Best Jobs
Glassdoor 50 Best Jobs in America for 2022
Fortune's World's Most Admired Companies
BoomNation is an online platform connecting skilled trade workers in the same field to share
insights, network and to find jobs.

Searchable library of information on education credentials

The Hope Program for low-income New Yorkers combining training, adult basic education, industry certifications, work wellness services, internships and job placement with long-term support.
New job search engine

Military Times Best For Vets: Employers survey

Web site offering resources to find trade career

Non-profit organization helping formerly incarcerated to gain work skills and re-entry employment
Organization  promoting career development, support, and retention of veterans throughout the global financial services industry

SHRM - Compensation
CompTIA Tech Jobs Report Job board for workers with disabilities platform for nurse hiring  program providing upskilling and cross-skilling digital courses  Q3 2022 Net Employment Outlook (NEO) for U.S. is 38%

Break Through Tech program
Glassdoor Companies Hiring 
The 27 Highest-Paying Trade Jobs — No Bachelor’s Degree Required
SideHusl - provides help navigating gig economy, job listings, ideas, tips on freelancing
ConnectRN - site connecting nurses with facilities in need of part-time nursing help

As Connecticut begins to reopen businesses and the economy, there are several resources available to support job-seekers and businesses get back to work quickly and safely. Governor Lamont and the state have forged several partnerships to provide residents with job-training for in-demand skills, and custom job portals with open positions across the state.

cthires white
ct work metrix
  • Step-Up - (Subsidized Training and Employment Program)
  • Zippia -  A site for job seekers who want to empower their career aspirations with knowledgeable data.

Local Career Centers

American Job Center - Southwest - Job search offered at no cost - open to everyone. Located in Bridgeport, Derby & Stamford.

American Job Center - How Can We Help You? - An explanation of our services and who to contact for each service.

American Job Center Career Coach - "...a One-Stop on wheels and mobile classroom which brings career services and computer training to you!"

Goodwill Career Centers: 15 Cross Street. Norwalk, CT Phone: 203-840-0361
They provide FREE job prep classes-Resume Writing, Job Searching, Interview Skills, Cover Letter writing, etc. Every day including Saturday, Except Wednesdays. There is a calendar of classes at the Main Reference Desk. They also have one-on-one job counseling (not just for Goodwill jobs). Scroll down to the Norwalk Goodwill entry for a link to their current calendar of classes.

JobNow AtoZdatabases